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MINI PAK'R® Industrial

The MINI PAK'R Industrial was specifically designed for areas where space is at a premium, such as compact pack stations, ship-from-store retailers and small business owners. This simple to operate, compact on-demand air cushion system will enhance both your packaging operation and customer experience by increasing efficiencies and reducing damaged packages.

Product Details

The MINI PAK’R Industrial® is a compact, versatile system is specially designed for areas where space is important. The machine has a wide choice of configurations.

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Wide Range of Films

  • Seven different film configurations - standard void-fill, blocking and bracing, wrapping and cushioning - ensures your products make it to your customers the same way they left your store.
  • Renew films with minimum 30% post consumer recycled content
  • Perfect for distribution centers where packaging lanes require different protection configurations

Easy to operate

  • Using RFID technology, the MINI PAK'R Industrial automatically selects the right seal temperature, airflow and seal pressure for every film.
  • Simple to Load: The air cushion film loading is easy with the MINI PAK'R system and takes just seconds.


  • The MINI PAK'R operates at speeds up to 7.5m per minute.
  • This compact system saves space: Only 36cm long, 33cm wide, 27cm high and weighs just 6kg!
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