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The Pregis Purpose

  • Protect.

    Protect our planet by reducing damage. Protect customers’ products, profits, brand and customer lifetime value.

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  • Preserve.

    Preserve natural resources & the environment by designing for circular economy and operational excellence.

    Preserve the Environment
  • Inspyre.

    Inspyre people through education, industry advocacy, and professional and personal development. People are the "y" in Inspyre.

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Pregis takes a holistic approach to support our customers and the environment. We ensure that we not only PROTECT our customers' products but their bottom line. We PRESERVE the environment by creating packaging for the circular economy, which means we create the highest quality products while using less raw materials and maximizing recycled content. Through partnerships with SPC, FSC, How2Recycle, among others, Pregis is helping to increase the amount of recycled materials recovered and given a second life. And as a company, Pregis strives to INSPYRE our employees, customers, and consumers to think more sustainably and give back to our communities.



As a packaging company, the most important thing that Pregis can do is keep our customers' products safe. This not only protects our customers from costly damages, it also protects a brand's value by keeping their customers happy, increasing customer lifetime value and ultimately profitability. Not to mention the positive environmental impact Pregis has by eliminating product damages and reships which take a significant toll on the eco-system.


Protect our customer's products, brand image, profits, and customer lifetime value

Pregis Environmental Graphic


Pregis focuses on preserving the environment by creating packaging for the circular economy. We're always looking at how we can manufacture the highest quality protective packaging while utilising less raw materials and maximising recycled content.

Designing materials for the circular economy

  • Source reduction: thinner materials with less reliance on virgin components
  • Ability for materials to be collected and easily recycled:
    • Shift toward recycling best practices
    • Build on 100% recycled paper
    • Increase the recycled content of our products:

Preserve our environment through manufacturing and operational excellence

  • C02 Reduction
  • Energy, water, natural gas reduction
  • Reuse, repurpose or recycle all scrap/trim from manufacturing production
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At Pregis we inspyre our employees, customers and communities we serve to do good. As a team we accomplish this by educating the importance of sustainability, giving back by promoting charitable contributions and by being a socially responsible company.



Establish Pregis as a Sustainability thought leader and trusted resource adding value to help customers understand and achieve their own sustainability goals.  Create education platforms to help distribution and end-users understand sustainable Pregis packaging options.

Product Damages/ Educate
One damaged product comes at a big environmental cost

Environmental Impact of Product Damages

Given all the resources required to ship a single parcel, making sure you ship each order only once might be the single biggest step an online retailer can take toward sustainability. Learn about the environmental impact of damages in our whitepaper, Damaged Products, Damaged Planet: Recognising the True Environmental Impact of Packaging Decisions.

Employee Giveback

Our employees support a variety of initiatives and charities like the Hunger Task Force and Uzima Clean Water Mission.

Pregis Sharp Employees Community Initiatives
Pregis Employees Hunger Task Force
Pregis Employees Group Photo


UZima means “full of life” in Swahili. It's a fitting name as UZima Clean Water Mission is a non-profit organisation that helps provide access to clean water to communities across the world with a water filtration system.

How it Works

For every roll of HC Inspyre packaging sold in the USA, Pregis makes a donation to Uzima, a non-profit that provides water filters to people without access to clean drinking water. Your customers will receive water-blue inflatable cushioning with an insert explaining your company is helping to fight water insecurities, an issue that impacts nearly one billion people across the globe.

Family Unboxing Inspyre Protected Package

Help the World, Build Your Brand!

Doing the right thing actually helps your brand too. Consumers, especially Millenials and Gen Z, are more in tune with the impact that the companies have on their communities, the environment and the social issues. It's an important trend that holds brands to a higher set of standards and enacts positive change. It also influences purchasing habits, in fact when a brand supports a social or environmental issue consumers are:

  • 92% more likely to trust the company
  • 88% more brand loyal
  • 87% more likely to have a positive perception of the company or brand
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