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Welcome to the Pregis IQ


Solving Business Challenges


At the Pregis IQ, our Innovation Headquarters, our engineers are eager to tackle your business and packaging challenges. Our experts focus on the bigger picture and analyze your product needs, the complexities of your supply chain, your distribution environment and sustainability goals before making a recommendation. This consultative approach delivers validated package solutions and processes that prevent damage, control total costs of your packaging operation and minimized the impact on the environment.

So bring it on!  Our team of curious and certified packaging engineers have a passion for finding the right solutions to delight customers and protect your products through the most challenging environments. 




To efficiently diagnose and solve our your biggest challenges and opportunities, our team of engineers follow a four-step process: DISCOVER, DESIGN, IMPLEMENT, and OPTIMIZE.

How We Can Help

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  • Protection that fits the purpose
  • Fewer product returns
  • Improving unboxing experience
  • Training your staff

Let's Protect

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  • Lowering transport rates
  • Lowering labour rates
  • Social distancing optimization
  • Floor space savings
  • Improve package rate (boxes/minute)
  • Improve packer ergonomics
  • Training your staff

Get Inspired

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  • Optimize material usage
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Reducing water consuption
  • Reducing energy consuption
  • Training your staff

Let's Preserve

Before we start talking machines and consumables, we ask ourselves What can Packaging Do to Improve your Business?

Lowering Damage Rates

Our portfolio of services available at the Pregis IQ includes parcel environment testing with state-of-the-art equipment. This enables our team to validate packaging designs and ensure they perform out in the real world. And rest assured, our Lab is ISTA certified and our packing engineers are able to provide the required documentation to have your products and package certified according to ISTA standards. 

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Optimizing your Packaging Process

We make the invisible visible and factor in the key ingredients that others often overlook. Labour. Ergonomics. Productivity. Automation. Safety. Efficiency. Are these important to your business? At Pregis, we understand how packaging material, systems, and integrations can impact these areas.

Integration services

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Reaching your Sustainability Goals 

Damaged Product, Damaged Planet Sustainability starts with protection, eliminating product damages has the biggest impact on maintaining a healthy environment.

Using Less Raw Materials & Maximizing Recycled Content

Pregis' packaging solutions minimize the use of raw materials while maximizing recycled content to reduce our environmental impact.

Minimizing CO2 emission

We help you bring down carbon emissions. By minimizing weight, minimizing material usage and developing CO2 neutral protective packaging from cradle to gate.

If you would like to improve your environmental footprint, start by gauging how you're doing 

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