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Void Fill Packaging

Pregis’ void fill packaging solutions allow you to fill the gaps between your product and the shipping box in order to prevent movement and protect your product during shipping. As a material neutral company with both paper and poly solutions, Pregis offers a complete portfolio of void fill packaging, including ready to use materials and on-demand systems to integrate into your packaging line. Each has its own use and purpose. The correct void fill material and system depends on the products, fulfillment strategy and application. Our team will gladly help you identify the best solution for your unique void fill needs.

Pregis Void Fill Packaging Solutions

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Void Fill: The Pregis Difference 

With Pregis IQ® - our innovation headquarters – we help you solve void fill packaging, shipping and fulfilment challenges with innovative systems and sustainable materials. Our engineers are eager to tackle your business and packaging challenges. Our experts focus on the bigger picture and analyse your product needs, the complexities of your supply chain, your distribution environment and sustainability goals before making a recommendation. This consultative approach delivers validated package solutions and processes that prevent damage, control total costs of your packaging operation and minimise the impact on the environment.

How you can Benefit from Pregis Void Fill Solutions

Paper void fill

We work with you to correctly identify your specific void fill requirements, and propose packages tailored to meet those needs and prevent damages.

Paper void fill

Apart from identifying the best void fill packaging solution to protect your products, opting for a solution that minimises the impact on the environment is equally important.
With our material neutral approach, you can choose from a range of packaging materials and applications, including fully circular void fill packaging and carbon neutral packaging

Paper void fill


Once an optimal void fill solution has been designed with the appropriate sustainable materials, Pregis’ integration engineers work to integrate into your packaging process.

We can help you optimise the entire packaging operation: from better layouts for faster throughput to ergonomic solutions that your employees will love.