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Sharp® Automated Poly Bagging by Pregis

Experts in Bagging

Sharp bagging systems by Pregis offer groundbreaking, flexible packaging solutions with the same high-quality and care that Pregis customers have come to expect. Our durable and customizable machines are designed to withstand and adapt to every challenge in the shipping landscape.

Sharp Packaging by Pregis manufactures poly bags and flexible packaging equipment, from semi-automatic machines to complete inline, fully automated packaging systems. We know each plant and packaging operation is unique, that's why we offer a range of machines with custom configurations and accessories to meet your needs.

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Experts in/ Poly Bagging and Cohesive Solutions

Replace the Box

Reduce shipping costs with a full range of poly bagging and cohesive packaging solutions.

The Sharp Difference

Use Sharp Packaging's solutions to increase productivity, throughput and efficiency and lower freight costs through DIM weight and volume reduction, decrease reliance on labor and reduce material and maintenance costs.

Our team of experts conduct on-site evaluations identifying ways to reduce costs, increase throughput, and streamline operations.

Packing with sharp bags protects your products without adding excess volume and weight to your package.

Improve your packaging process

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  • Ideal set up for your workplace
  • Fully customisable bags to promote your brand

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  • Reduce operational costs
  • Simplify maintenance 
  • Decrease labor requirements

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  • Ergonomically sound
  • Easy loading processes
  • User friendly HMI’s

Achieve your sustainability goals

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  • Fit for purpose - prevents damages and returns
  • Small weight and volume - Reduces CO2 emission during transport  and production

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  • Standard PE bags are 100% recyclable
  • Mailers available with up to 30% recycled content. 
  • Sharp bags are easier to recycle as they replace the need for a paper label 

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  • Mailers are suitable as return package with use of a reclosing tape
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Predictive Maintenance with Maxwell™

Maxwell™ Intelligent Interface offers a robust user interface that empowers packers with customization options and machine insights. Using advanced diagnostics, Maxwell monitors internal components and will alert technicians to potential wear and tear before a failure occurs to eliminate unscheduled downtime and ensuring your packaging facility keeps up with demand.

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