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Packmaster™ Pro Fanfold

Make changing rolls of paper a thing of the past and choose fanfold paper (i.e. continuous feed or tractor feed paper) on pallets for the Pregis Packmaster™ Pro fanfold paper system. The bundles are interlinked so you can have up to 4,690 metres of paper running on the machine without having to change rolls of paper.

Product Details

The Packmaster™ Pro paper system with fanfold paper is a total packaging solution. The machine is versatile and offers maximum efficiency in combination with the fanfold paper pallets.

Space saving

Thanks to the Packmaster™ Pro's smart and compact design, a fanfold paper euro pallet fits exactly under the mobile machine. This means that the pallet does not take up extra space.

User friendly

The machine's control needs little explanation. Loading the paper is easy.

Ergonomically sound

The Packmaster™ Pro frame has been designed in such a way that the machine and fanfold paper can be moved simultaneously. Replacing a pallet is easy and fast. You just need to move the machine so that it is positioned correctly to load (and unload).

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