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Protective Films for Building & Construction

Before you begin, prepare your environment with the right temporary protective film to keep your job site clean and scratch-free. Protect everything from carpeting, countertops, appliances, even windows and doors from activity and worker traffic. Our adhesive coated films adhere to and protect just about any surface to prevent expensive cleanup, repairing or replacing damaged goods.

Protective Film Capabilities

Films and Coatings Converting & Options
  • Film Types: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PP, PE, “A” Films, Co-ex
  • Width: 1” – 108” Length: 300’ – 15,000’
  • Film Colors: Clear, White, Blue, Black/White, Tinted & Custom Colors
  • Perforations: Horizontal and vertical direction
  • Adhesive Coating: Solvent, Rubber & Water-based acrylic adhesive systems
  • Roll Wind: Regular or reverse wound
  • Printing: 1, 2 or 3 color (in-house)
  • Packaging: Custom packaging & core options
Key Product Options
  • Reverse wound rolls: – Need to protect the carpet or floor? Reverse the wind to make the application even easier. Simply kick the roll out and film will adhere to floor.
  • UV Films: Protecting glass, windows or other products stored outdoor? We offer films with UV protection for as little as 3 days to as long as 9 months.
  • Printing – Add your logo or instructions to any protective film product. Up to 2 color printing is available to identify your company or instruct installers on product application.


Standard Offerings of Solvent & Rubber-based Adhesive Films 

Carpet Protection Film

Carpeting can come in many types, styles and uses. Whether low pile carpet for a commercial building, lush high pile carpeting for a new home or OEM carpeting for a car, our range of carpet protection films will adhere, stay down and remove cleanly when the job is done. Carpet protection films can see a lot of demanding conditions and we can offer a range of protective film options for the specific application.

Window & Door

A little protection up front can save time and money repairing or replacing windows & doors damaged in manufacturing, shipping or installation. Whether protecting coated glass, vinyl profiles, painted metal surface or trim; our temporary protective films can offer indoor or outdoor protection for the job at hand. For applications involving outdoor exposure or storage, we offer a range of UV resistant films to provide temporary surface protection in 3 month, 5 month or 9 month duration.

Countertops, Cabinetry & Hard Surface Flooring

Interiors of residential or commercial buildings are full of critical surfaces that need to remain pristine and flaw-free throughout the job. If it is visible, decorative or contributes to the aesthetics of a building it needs to be protected. Protective films will shield many critical surfaces from all the job site traffic, damage, dirt and contamination it encounters.

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