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Protective Packaging and Inside the Box Protection

Protect your package contents - no matter what's in the box - with Pregis protective packaging. Whether you need to protect it, brace it, fill it, or wrap it inside that box; Pregis offers a complete portfolio of solutions for you. Our team is focused on identifying and solving each customer’s unique protective packaging needs. That means the right solution for the right application. Air, paper, and loosefill material choices second to none.


Experts in/ Protective Packaging: Reduce Damages, Increase Profitability

Protective Packaging: Reduce Damages, Increase Profitability

Did you know 73% of customers are unlikely to reorder after receiving a damaged product? Watch the video to learn more and avoid unnecessary costs by protective packaging with Pregis.

Protective packaging to take maximum care of your goods

What’s in the box? Is it something you or your customer purchased online? Is it a heavy part you need to ship to your assembly plant? In order to ship your goods with maximum care, Pregis offers you various protective packaging solutions: Air, paper, and loosefill. Get expert advice to make the right choices when it comes to protective packaging. Pregis is here to help your organisation find and implement the solution that is most efficient and sustainable.

The most important thing that Pregis can do is help you to keep your products safe

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Using the correct protective packaging in order to prevent damages has a positive impact on profitability. Not only because you avoid product replacement but also prevent additional costs from your supply chain such as freight for shipping the product back and sending a replacement, customer service and warehouse handling costs.

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A study conducted by Packaging InSight found that 73% of all consumers were unlikely to purchase from a company they had previously received a damaged item from. Protective packaging protects your brand's value by keeping your customers happy and increases customer lifetime value.

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Using the correct protective packaging helps you to become more sustainable. The ecological impact of damaged packages is huge. The most obvious environmental cost is waste. Products that are damaged in shipping may be repaired or refurbished but usually end up in landfills. And don’t forget that there’s the emissions cost of producing the extra product as well.

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