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On-demand training for an on-demand world.

Packaging is only as good as how it is used. Now that the average employee tenure is less than 2-years in many fulfillment centres, along with the annual influx of seasonal employees, it’s more important than ever to encourage steady behavior among your workforce. At Pregis, we understand packaging operations better than anyone and have worked with warehouse and logistic personnel across pretty much every sector, so in terms of advice, you’re in good hands.

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  • On-site employee training
  • Packaging Efficiency Audit
  • Pregis-hosted educational opportunities
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  • Less time getting new hires up to speed
  • Less damages as products are properly protected
  • Consistent consumer experience

Get Hands On


At the UK Pregis Customer Experience Centre in Stevenage, customers can experience the full European suite of protective and void-fill systems. With a dedicated space to experiment and run test packs, it's one of the best ways to see exactly which solution is right for you.

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On-site training


At Pregis we are always innovating, always investing, and always improving. Pregis is proud to invest in the professional development of our combined teams and elevate our consultative skills to help customers solve their business challenges.

Interested in becoming a protective packaging expert? We can arrange for one our specialist engineers to visit your site and conduct a Packaging Efficiency Audit. Whether you're a Pregis customer already or not, the audit will highlight any areas of improvement within your packaging process.

For existing customers we will help support your packers become true packing champions, complete with certificate, who can then continue to monitor packing quality and even train up temps or new starters. This, not only creates a sense of pride for operators who complete the training, but ensures they walk away with the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to come out ahead of the pack in today’s competitive environment.





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