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In transit or on the production floor, we solve your toughest business challenges with our innovative packaging and protective solutions. We’ve got everything you need to create customers for life.

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Keep your goods safe and secure during transit with Pregis. Our full complement of air, paper and foam inside-the-box packaging solutions protect against damage during the journey of a package.

Think Inside the Box

Replace the box with a mailer or bag that contains goods through the shipping cycle and minimizes parcel costs. Our options range from ready to use shippers to scalable automated mailing and bagging systems.

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Always Innovating. Always Protecting.

We take pride in all aspects of our business to better protect yours. Our passion for perfection goes into each protective solution so we can bring joy to life’s everyday experiences.

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Innovation through leadership

The key to last-mile delivery? It starts in your warehouse

In the world of ecommerce order fulfillment, “close enough” won’t cut it. Shippers don’t get any credit for bringing a package close to a customer’s doorstep—it has to actually land there, and quickly.

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Ship Shape: Four packaging training methods that improve worker performance and satisfaction

Warehouse managers’ jobs are tough: managing and motivating a large workforce with an historically high turnover rate, keeping them confident and informed, then figuring out how to staff up seasonally without throttling throughput.

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Pregis invests in European operations to support growing protective packaging requirements

Protective packaging specialists, Pregis, has made several recent investments in its European operations to support the growing protective packaging needs of its broad global customer base.

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The easy way to integrate eco-friendly packaging into conveyor systems

Any business with a conveyor system will know how vital it is to achieving and maintaining warehouse efficiency. Factory automation solutions are designed to keep goods moving, minimise intervention and keep costs to a minimum.

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Boosting customer lifetime value: How sustainable packaging practices win over eco-conscious consumers

Acquiring new customers is expensive, which is why so many companies are focused on increasing the lifetime value of the customers that they already have. And although the internet has conditioned today’s shoppers to shop around, research shows that they’ll stick with brands that support causes that are important to them – like sustainability.

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How Corporate social responsibility is driving brand engagement

Consumers want businesses to play an active role in driving social and environmental change. From socks and white goods to coffee and toys, eight companies did an exceptional job of building social responsibility into their core mission.

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Preventing unnecessary costs incurred by in-transit damage

In transit damage usually occurs once goods leave the warehouse. So, what can companies do to limit the chances of damage, and drive down related costs?

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Market outlook: Growth in flexible plastic packaging remains strong

Flexible packaging is living up to its name and being increasingly used by companies looking to enhance product protection, extend shelf life and create a greener, more circular economy.

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Pet meds: How pet pharmaceutical shippers can boost throughput, order accuracy and cost savings

With owners spending more on their pets than ever before – and having more online pharmacies to choose from – the pressure is on. Not only must the providers deliver undamaged pet medications quickly and accurately, but they have to create a rewarding unboxing experience that will build brand loyalty of pet owners and give customers confidence that they are doing right by their cherished pets.

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