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Flo-Pak® The Strong One

This black void-fill either contrasts with products such as metals to showcase the goods themselves or disguise any oil or residue from more industrial componants. Perfectly suited to quickly filling and padding heavy and sharp-edged items, and can be easily incorporated into the packaging process.

Product Details

Available in bags and is shaped like a solid number eight.

Environmentally kind:

  • Recyclable with plastic waste
  • Breaks down completely within 60 months
  • Chlorine-free according to DIN 51400

Colour: Black

Shape: Closed form figure 8

Raw material: Recycled polystyrene, decomposition additive, and naturally without flame retardant

Thickness: 3 - 4.5 kg/m³

Melting Point: 85-105° C

Antistatic treatment prevents frustration during handling. 


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