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Ensure appliances arrive looking brand new to the consumer with Pregis’ appliance films

Pregis PolyMask™ Temporary Protective Films for appliances are uniquely designed to provide temporary surface protection on a wide range of mental finishes and coatings. Our fabricator films can withstand various appliance manufacturing processes – including cutting, bending, punching, and stamping. These films offer low adhesion and easy removal. There is a film for every type of appliance, including low-energy surfaces that are highly textured or require an adhesive capability unique to that substrate.


Door Handles
Control Panels
Laser Cut Parts


Protective Film Capabilities

Films and Coatings

  • Film Types: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PP, PE, “A” Films, Co-ex
  • Film Colors: Clear, white, blue, black/white, tinted & custom colors
  • Adhesive Coating: Solvent, Rubber & Water-based acrylic adhesive systems
  • Printing: 1, 2, or 3 color (in house)

Converting & Options

  • Width: 1” – 108” Length: 300’ – 15,000’
  • Perforations: Horizontal and vertical direction
  • Regular or reverse wound rolls
  • Custom packaging options

Key Product Options

“A” Films: Our proprietary film offers a unique combination of advantages

  • Bidirectional stability = Greater break strength
  • Enhanced elongation = Stays adhered thru processing
  • Greater abrasion resistance = Thinner but stronger

UV resistant films are available for added surface protection for extended outdoor applications. Options include 3, 5, or 9-month protection against UV degradation.


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Material Type & Product Number

Coated Surfaces:

Uncoated Surfaces:



Stainless Steel & Aluminum Appliances

With stainless steel, finish is everything. A single scratch can ruin the value of the entire product. Stainless steel appears in many forms, from brushed, bright annealed, or a mirror-like appearance. It needs to remain scratch-free. Stainless steel faces many potential hazards throughout the fabrication, shipping, and installation process. The surface can be marred at any step along the way, and the cost of fixing, or sometimes even replacing, the product can put a big scratch in your profit margin.

Plastic, Polypropylene & Polystyrene Appliances

When ordering new appliances, consumers expect them to arrive looking flawless. Pregis PolyMask™ films protect plastic components on appliances from scratching and marring.

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