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AirSpeed Renew

The AirSpeed Renew air bags are created out of post-consumer recycled content and allow to void fill and block & brace products for optimal protecting. We strive for a circular economy and this recycled content embodies this.

Product Details

Pregis uses post-consumer waste in all its AirSpeed Renew products. An impressive percentage that we are constantly trying to increase as much as possible. Post-consumer waste has completed its life cycle as a consumer item and would otherwise have been disposed, like cans, plastic bottles and packaging. We strive for a circular economy and post-consumer waste embodies this. It is made from products that served end-users, it was sold on the market for another useful purpose after which it can be recycled. Our renew products are 100% recyclable and are therefore closing the loop. In other words: it is sustainable and circular… the print included! This is printed on each air cushion with a water-based ink, so it’s not harmful to the environment. The color of the air cushions is grayish. Its natural, without artificial colors and without hazardous ingredients. We’re proud of it! It’s different, recognizable… it’s our shade of grey.

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