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Double Cushion

Flexible void-fill packaging for top or side fill and corner protection inside the box. Double cushions allow packers to fit pillows into tight-fitting spaces inside the package that might be difficult with square pillows.

Product Details

The Doubel Cushion air pillow is available in multiple thickness grades from light to heavyweight


Voidfill, corner protection, box-in-box protective packaging

Air Transfer Technology: air cushions absorb shock during shipment and recovers from impact


  • High speed dispensing directly into the box, or can be integrated into decentralised workstations
  • Increased yield around corners or top and side fill

Target Placements:

  • Packages with tight or awkward voids
  • Great for protecting corners in box-in-box applications

Compliant: Complies with European legislation for packaging and packaging waste: EN13427

All inks are water-based & non-toxic.

The double cushion are available in AirSpeed Renew Zero and AirSpeed Renew.

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