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Consisting of two connected 'tubes' allowing for maximum flexibility. Supertube inflatable packaging can be used to line boxes, wrap corners or fold to hold your products in place. Perfect to wrap pottery, fragile glassware, electronics, and other breakable items. These air cushions contain air-transfer technology that keeps products safe by transferring away shock.

Product Details

Unique conforming tubular pattern allows the material to fit into narrow side and top voids or wrapping around a product for six-sided protection.

  • Air Transfer Technology allows movement between pillows and helps maintain the packaging’s integrity in transit
  • Versatile material that can be used in a cross pattern as interleaving or for corner protection


  • Mixed products that have tight and narrow voids
  • Great for protecting corners in box-in-box applications
  • Wrappable void-fill

Supertube is available in AirSpeed Renew.

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