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The PRO PAK'R® is equipped with the latest air cushion inflation technology for efficient premium packaging. It's fast, smart, compact and easy to use! The PRO PAK'R® runs a wide range of inflatable air cushion films to cover many different types of packaging applications.

Product Details

Save Time

Easy to operate: Using RFID technology, the PRO PAK'R automatically selects the right seal temperature, airflow and seal pressure for every air cushion film.

High speed output: Up to 21m per minute

Innovative integration: Designed with a host of accessories making it work seamlessly with your packing operations

Smart settings:

  • Inteligent data storage provides an overview of machine use and consumption
  • Auto-Index automatically offers the next string of cushions
  • User lock-out - access to settings can be restricted to ensure consistent production between users

Easy Maintenance: Can be serviced through sub-assemblies in less than 15 minutes

Dimensions: 35cm long, 35cm wide and 55cm high

Weight: 16kg

Want to know more? Get in touch with our experts Sales: 800-888-3725 / Tech Support: 866-374-7877
Want to know more? Get in touch with our experts