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Recycling/Reuse Opportunities


Closing the loop on a circular economy 

At Pregis we strive for all our products to contribute to a circulair economy. Circularity starts with designing our products in a way they can be recycled when they reach the end of life. We do this by following the guidelines established by organizations such as CEFLEX, of which we are a member. 

How do you recycle, reuse or renature our products? Check out the information below to learn more about how to recycle our products in your country. 

Airspeed Please Recycle Me Air Cushions

Easypack Paper Packaging

Widely collected throughout existing municipal collection programs throughout EuropeIf you would prefer to reuse the paper, it’s great for using to pack and ship other items, can be used to wrap presents, or could even be used for rough work or shopping list. 

Pregis paper packaging protecting personal care products in a package.


Our bio chips can be disposed in the organic waste bin. These chips are compostable and biodegradable. The standard chips are recyclable and should be collected in the plastic bin. In order to dispose the chips in these ways, the chips must be clean. Not sure if your chips are bio or standard chips? Check the images on the right.  

Flo-Pak® The Bio One

The Bio One and The Clean Bio One are made entirely from natural raw materials – air, water and vegetable starch. Totally reusable and biodegradable.

Flo-Pak® The Environmental One

The Eco One, The Environmental One  and The Strong One are recyclable and should be collected with your plastic waste.

AirSpeed & Renew Air Cushions and Sharp Poly Bags 

If you would like to reuse the air cushions, you could use them for packing and shipping other items. If you cannot reuse them, there are different collection methods. Collection methods vary by country but all products are designed for recyclability.  For country specific plastic film recycling including store drop off (UK) in your area, visit:

Recycling in the UK 

Recycling in Germany

Recycling in France

Recycling in the Netherlands

Recycling in Sweden

Recycling in Denmark 

Recycling in Norway

Recycling in Spain

Recycling in Italy

Recycling in Scotland

Recycling in Northern Ireland

Recycling in Wales

To understand more about why recycling flexible packaging is an important contribution to our modern world visit: 

Clear Printed Void Fill Packaging Pillows by Airspeed Pregis
Sharp® Side Load Bags

To understand more about why recycling flexible packaging is an important contribution to our modern world, click the link below.