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Pregis Releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Pregis®, a leading global manufacturer of protective packaging solutions and flexible packaging, unveils its 2022 Sustainability Report.

The reported milestones align with the Pregis Purpose to Protect, Preserve, and Inspyre and the company's commitment toward its visionary 2K30 objectives.  

Pregis is committed to developing sustainable products, incorporating recycled and renewable resources, and designing for recyclability. In 2022, more than half of the company's revenue came from products defined as recyclable, reusable, or compostable (per the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board or SASB metrics).

Pregis significantly advanced its mission to reduce emissions across its facilities last year, reporting a 20.9% reduction in emissions intensity from operations—nearing the 2030 target of a 25% reduction compared to the 2019 baseline. The company also reinforced its zero-waste ambition, successfully diverting 89% of solid waste from landfills and incineration due to robust internal and external recycling programs.

Kevin Baudhuin, Chairman and CEO of Pregis, notes, "2022 represents another meaningful milestone in our sustainability journey. Being a leader in sustainability and first choice for employees and customers is a priority shared throughout our organization. Every year, we view these results as confirmation that our chosen actions are progressing toward achieving our business goals. I am proud of the effort and impact of the Pregis team as we stay true to our purpose while delivering on performance expectations."

Pregis augmented the sustainability team by appointing Ryan Wolcott as Chief Sustainability Officer and added resources dedicated to customer-focused support and operational efficiency. Further reinforcing its commitment, Pregis achieved ISCC+ certification at three facilities. This third-party certification enables Pregis to produce film solutions classified as circular, bio-circular, and/or bio-based.

Additionally, Pregis channeled $2 million into capital projects that align with its sustainability roadmap. Since 2019, Pregis has surpassed its 2K30 goal of investing $15 million into circular, scalable, and sustainable technologies.

The company continued its philanthropic endeavors, positively impacting 93,923 lives through programs including Pregis Inspyre™ product sales and employee engagement. The company also scaled the Veteran's and Women's Employee Resource Groups to encourage unity and inclusion. Pregis continues to invest in professional development, as demonstrated by delivering approximately 82 hours of training per employee, of which over 200 hours were dedicated to sustainability education.

The Pregis 2022 Sustainability Report is available for download at Pregis 2022 ESG Report.