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Make your Spare Parts Fulfilment Efficient and Sustainable

  • Do you need to get more shipments out the door more quickly with potentially fewer people? 
  • Would you be interested to minimise damage rates and reships?
  • Do you (and your customers) prioritise sustainable operations?

Learn how Pregis IQ and our Integrated Services Experts work to solve packaging, shipping and fulfillment challenges with innovative systems and sustainable materials.

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Benefit from Tailor Made Fulfilment Solutions


Improving Throughput

Do you need to get more shipments out the door with potentially fewer people?

Our integration services engineers can optimise your packaging process and seamlessly integrate your desired packaging solutions directly into existing and new packing lines. Our custom solutions are known for creating time and space efficiency, leading to a higher throughput. They range from innovative central and decentral packing solutions to integrations with paper packaging, air or a combined solution. 


  Protecting your Products

Would you be interested to minimise damage rates and reships?

Choosing packaging that prevents damage is a rare opportunity to fix countless problems. At once, you’ll improve sustainability, increase profitability, raise customer satisfaction, and eliminate waste and complexity from your supply chain.

We work with you to correctly identify your specific packaging requirements, and propose packages tailored to meet those needs and prevent reships.


Improving Sustainability

Do you (and your customers) prioritise sustainability?

Apart from identifying the best packaging solution to protect your products, opting for a solution that minimises the impact on the environment is equally important. You can choose from a range of packaging materials and applications, including fully circular packaging and carbon neutral packaging.

Pregis can also implement a Lifecycle Analysis to compare packaging solutions throughout their existence. The most sustainable packaging solution will not always be clear without this analysis. This makes Pregis a go-to source when you value transparency from origin to disposal of the products.


Improving Ergonomics

Is employee satisfaction important to you? 

Our integrations are built around the employees, thus creating spacious pack stations. The protective packaging materials are  immediately within reach. This in combination with the low noise level of Pregis machines, creates a pleasant working environment, which your employees will love. Pregis integrations do not only improve ergonomics but will also have a positive effect on productivity.  


Satisfied Customers

Do you feel the pressure to ensure quick and flawless deliveries?

We have experience in creating end of line packaging solutions for large and divers product offerings that improve throughput ergonomics and sustainability and help to create the optimal customer experience.

Protect your employees

Focussing on your objectives

Do you prefer to work with an experienced supplier?

Pregis thinks and acts with you from initial design to final completion. Hundreds of packaging integrations all over Europe are the convincing evidence that we know how to offer the certainty of solving your fulfilment challenges. Seeing is believing. There is nothing more convincing than an actual project working well!

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Customer Story Fricke; Improving Productivity, Efficiency and Ergonomics

Kai Fürling, Director of Logistics

„What really set Pregis apart was the overall concept, the solution of being able to supply many picking and packing stations with just a few machines via this transport system. That was a unique selling point that no one else could offer."

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Customer story 50Factory; Improving Throughput

50 factory specialises in the fast fulfilment of original and used parts for motorcycles. To accommodate the company's growth, the packaging process needed a redesign.

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