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Hybrid Cushioning (HC)

Pregis' HC film provides ultimate strength, durability and air retention. Hybrid cushioning gives customers a premium unboxing experience they're not soon to forget. The exclusive square pattern looks amazing and keeps items from "bottoming-out" inside the box to prevent damage. Made from low-density polyethylene, hybrid cushioning delivers unrivaled protection. HC is space saving and minimizes CO2 emission during transport. One pallet of HC is the equivalent of almost one-and-a-half truckloads of bubble! Once inflated it does not add weight to your package as 99% of the volume consists of air.

Product Benefits

HC is Pregis' the highest performing film. It's perfect for heavy or fragile products that require extra cushioning. And its film technology offers superior air retention so it should be used for products that have a longer ship or storage cycles.



Ultimate Protection!

  • HC provides superior cushioning because its proprietary square pattern offers more surface area and can redistributor the shock of drops and vibration from parcel shipping
  • HC's squared design fits perfectly inside of a box which keeps items from bottoming out
  • Air-transfer technology absorbs impact, again and again, providing consistent protection throughout a ship cycle 


Customer Experience 

Longer Shipping and Storage Cycles

  • Superior air retention for products that have longer ship and storage cycles 
  • Required for products that require premium cushioning for 7+ Days
  • Retains cushioning properties for up-to a year!

Product Availability

  • HC small 400mm (38u) with RFID

  • HC medium 400mm (38u) with RFID

  • HC small 800mm (25u) with RFID


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