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From Essential to Exceptional:
How to Emerge a Vital Contender

The events of 2020 have put an increasing strain on distribution centers. Workers are out sick, or afraid to come in out of health concerns. Consumers, stuck at home, are ordering more and counting on it arriving sooner. Established layouts and processes must adapt in order to meet the challenges of this new environment. 

But the COVID-19 pandemic also represents an opportunity for DCs to make some long-overdue changes. These changes can help DCs not only respond to immediate needs, but set themselves up for success in the future — more efficient, better optimized, handling higher volume with the same or fewer staff. This guide is about those changes: the changes that turn essential businesses into exceptional operations to stand out as a vital contender.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • The biggest challenges that DCs face in a post-pandemic environment
  • How distribution centers can implement quick layout and process changes that can have a big impact on efficiency
  • What tools and solutions exist that can increase packer productivity 
  • How to implement more robust automation tools that can significantly increase overall output and efficiency

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