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Packaging Solutions for Vitamins & Supplements

Consumers are increasingly looking towards tailored supplements for health and wellness benefits – from tablets, to essential oils. On top of that, they want to shop for these supplements online – which means their orders need to be shipped quickly and efficiently to their homes. Those needs present a diverse set of shipping/fulfilment requirements for nutraceutical retailers, logistics providers, and manufacturers.

Whether its void fill, cushioning or containment, Pregis’ packaging solutions and design & testing services can simplify your operations and logistics – all while delivering sustainability and a premium unboxing experience.

We can solve your pain points.

So you can do the same for your customers through health and wellness. 


Our comprehensive cushioning solutions ensure glass bottles and vials can successfully endure the shock and vibration of shipping.



Pregis automated polybagging solutions increase throughput and optimise labour so you can meet your operations and shipping KPIs.


Consumer buying habits can have peaks and valleys throughout the year. Pregis’ low profile, small footprint on-demand packaging equipment means you only store the packaging you need for a given period. No more warehouses piled high with inventory.


Carbon Footprint

We manufacture a variety of solutions with recyclability and recycled content in mind. Our goal is to not only satisfy your sustainability goals, but your consumers.

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Download the Nutraceuticals Market Solutions Guide

Interested in learning how we can help solve your biggest fulfilment and shipping challenges? Download our Nutraceuticals Market Solutions Guide to find out.

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Pregis takes a consultative approach to the Nutraceutical Business

We offer added-value services to ensure we’re providing a holistic solution to customers.

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 Test and select protective solutions that meet your exact needs and ensure you hit pivotal KPIs for your customers.

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 Prevent product damages and chose sustainable materials to reduce emissions and unnecessary landfill waste from re-shipping.

Go green

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Experience world-class guidance on creating efficient and ergonomic pick, pack & ship stations for your fulfilment centres.

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