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Ferroperm Optics, Improving Employee Productivity and Health with Automatic Bagging | Case Study

The process of packaging at Ferroperm Optics was slow and tedious. To speed up the increasing production and to keep employees healthy, a new approach was needed.

The Challenge

The process of packaging at Ferroperm Optics was slow and tedious. It took about 10 seconds to pack one product, excluding the process of finding the product in the database and printing the labels. With more than 5,000 bags a month spread over 100 different products, this resulted in a lot of time spent on simple procedures.

Apart from the time spent, the procedure also exhausted the employee doing it. So, to speed up the  increasing production and to keep employees healthy, a new approach was needed.

The Solution

The original process  with zip lock bags was slow, tedious and movements were detrimental for Ferroperm’s employees. 

After comparing several automatic bagging solutions, Ferroperm Optics decided to go for the Sharp SX automatic bagger, which offered:

  • High speed bagging
  • Easy and simple operation- no detrimental movements
  • Custom designed bags
  • Best price/ quality investment


The Result



  • With the implementation of the Pregis Sharp SX Bagging Machine, packing time per item has been reduced from 10 seconds to just 3 seconds. This represents a 66% reduction in packing time.

  • The machine is integrated with Ferroperms database in order to extract shipping information from the database which is then thermally printed on the bags. This eliminates the process of looking up the product in the database and printing a paper shipping label and results in additional time savings and a more consistent quality of the shipping information on the bags.



  • The tedious and detrimental movements are eliminated and are instead executed by the Sharp SX machine. Employees are happier and remain healthy.



  • As a bonus, the new bags are also more environmentally friendly. The old bags consisted of plastic, a paper label, and glue, while the new bags are 100% plastic and 100% recyclable, and therefore easier to sort when disposing of them.

What our Customer Says

Sebastian Schou, Automation Engineer at Ferroperm Optics A/S

With the easier and faster process, our employees can take on more complicated tasks. This allows for higher productivity, and we can already see ways to further take advantage of the bagging machine's potential. .”

“Working with Pregis was a great experience. They were highly helpful in determining the correct options and modifications of the machine and custom design of the bags according to our specifications. When we had a question we got a quick and helpful response. The machine has been working as it should. There really have not been any problems with it. So all in all, a really great experience. “

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