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How Pregis’ Sharp Bagging Systems Speed Up Fulfilment

Getting out of the box and into the bag is crucial for keeping up with shipping demand. Here’s what to know.

Last year, the e-commerce industry grew nearly three times more than in 2019 — and this record-breaking order volume remains strong in 2021. Since March 2020, fulfilment centres have continued to work past capacity, as consumers increase their expectations surrounding lightning-fast and damage-free home deliveries.

In February, Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate found that 68 percent of consumers would be more inclined to place an order if fast shipping was available. And it’s not just e-commerce companies affected by demand — retailers are bearing the brunt, too. The same survey reported that 26 percent of shoppers ordered online for same-day delivery from major brick-and-mortar stores, almost double the rate from August 2020.

As fulfilment managers look at every possible solution to meet demand, automation solutions like Pregis’ Sharp bagging systems are taking centre stage, thanks to their benefits in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and sustainability.


Increased Labour Efficiency

Supply Chain Dive reported that 21 percent of manufacturers have operations that rely primarily on human labour. When the pandemic hit and social distancing regulations went into effect, that became a major problem. That’s where automated solutions like Sharp bagging systems come in, which can greatly increase labor efficiency. For instance, one customer saved over 32,000 hours per year after implementing automation. Each machine can reallocate four to six packers, giving them the chance to focus on other areas, such as customer service or other operational management tasks.


Reduced Total Operating Costs

Improved labour efficiency translates directly to another major benefit: reduced operating costs. In addition to lower payroll expenses, Pregis’ automated bagging systems can process more packages in a smaller space, lowering the cost per shipment. This then translates to lower facility and storage costs as well. 


Drastically Shorter Pack and Ship Times

Manually packing orders is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. When automation is put into practice, it can speed up operations by as much as 15 to 35 packages per minute. In fact, one replacement parts retailer reduced their packing and shipping times by 60 percent after installing Sharp bagging machines.

Increased speed doesn’t hurt package presentation, either. Sharp’s thermal transfer printings create clear, well-designed labels in record time, without any delays in packaging.


Easy to Use

Sharp bagging machines are designed with the operator in mind. No specific training is required. 


Enhanced Safety

Sharp bagging systems are designed to be inherently safe, with motors that don’t generate enough force to cause damage. But moving parts aren’t the only risk employees face on the packing floor — according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), musculoskeletal afflictions account for one third of all reported worker injuries. Since Sharp bagging machines are also adjustable to individual workers’ ergonomics, there’s less chance of injury from repetitive movements. 


More Sustainable Shipping

Boxes take up serious space, both at warehouses and in cargo holds. With today’s unprecedented shipping volume, bulky cardboard can require many more trucks, planes, and ships to move deliveries. Those vehicles then pump massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, the leading driver of climate change.

Polybags take up a fraction of the space and weigh significantly less, reducing demand for freight vehicles. Sharp Polybags are 100% recyclable. 


Deliver Delight

In the era of e-commerce, brands no longer make an impression on consumers through their presentation on store shelves. The first point of contact with customers is when they receive a package. Sharp polybags are fully customizable and can be printed with any kind of branding or artwork.

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