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Packaging for Automotive & Transportation

In the world of automotive and transportation every high-value part, component and surface is packaged and protected as it makes its way thru tiered parts suppliers, assembly lines, vehicle transit and even the show room floor.

Pregis provides a wide range of protective packaging solutions that will help you drive down costs, fuel production efficiency and ensure you a zero damages supply chain. So whatever you need, we have you covered.

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Interior Parts, Components and Surfaces

People drive their cars daily and care, more than ever before, about the interior of their vehicles. One minor defect caused by poor packaging can make a difference between a happy customer and a rejected part. At Pregis, our product solutions team can help match the proper protective packaging for the broad variety of interior parts, components and surfaces of a vehicle..


Exterior Parts, Components and Surfaces

Every vehicle produced needs to be perfect delivered and finished; our protective packaging solutions are designed to maintain that perfection and finish throughout the assembly lifecycle. Parts, components and surfaces require protection from damage and dirt in the plant, during transit, and throughout the customer buying process.


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Automotive and Transportation Packaging Solutions

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