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AirSpeed® Renew™ Zero Air Cushion Packaging: One Step Ahead in Protecting Products While Neutralising Carbon Footprint | Pregis

E-Commerce customers are now more critical about the environmental impact of shipments than ever before. Wasteful packaging, along with damages that occur due to incorrect packaging materials, are some of the reasons why consumers abandon e-commerce brands they used to trust.

Our partner Galaxus, a leader in online retail, recognizes the importance of having a seamless customer experience while streamlining packaging operations, all while responsibly caring for the environment! Previously, they used the environmentally friendly  Pregis AirSpeed Renew air cushions made of 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Now, they took one step further to become fully CO2  neutral by opting for AirSpeed Renew Zero air cushion packaging.

What are Renew Zero air cushions?

These air cushions are made of 50% post-consumer recycled waste and 50% recycled renewable plant-based waste like leaves and husks – also called second generation bio sources. This means that Renew Zero air cushion packaging is completely free from fossil-based plastic.

How does it work? Trees and plants absorb CO2 or have a negative CO2 emission. This also applies to the second-generation bio source in Renew Zero. The negative CO2 emission from the 50% bio source compensates for the already low CO2 emission from the post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, resulting in a product with zero CO2 emissions when it leaves the factory.

Air cushion packaging that neutralises CO2 emission while offering maximum protection

Besides leaving the environment intact, another crucial factor is the protective function of the material. Ensuring ordered items arrive undamaged is not only imperative for satisfied E-Commerce customers, but it is also a responsible choice for the environment. When something arrives broken, it needs to be returned, reproduced, and reshipped. This has an impact on materials and CO2 emission that by far exceeds the impact of the protective packaging material.

Intensive field-testing with our Pregis Renew Zero validated the product as  great protective packaging for the Galaxus products. In turn, Galaxus customers are happier with their orders, especially when knowing that they contribute to a happier planet!


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Renew Zero is the sustainable choice for Galaxus. The CO2 emission savings and the environmental gain by optimally protecting contents were the decisive factors