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Pregis launches next generation MINI PAK'R air cushioning unit

Pregis announces EU launch of its latest MINI PAK’R® compact air cushioning unit engineering to accommodate thinner gauge, recycled content film.

Pregis, a leading global manufacturer of protective packaging, is launching its newest AirSpeed® MINI PAK’R compact, on-demand air cushioning machine, and companion film in the EU. The machine offers a film with a minimum of 50 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, with the goal of achieving 100 percent recycled content within the next year.

The latest generation MINI PAK’R features a new sealing mechanism to produce several air cushions patterns. It has been engineered with a wide operating window to accommodate Pregis’ recycled content, downgauged LDPE film. Using RFID technology, the MINI PAK’R automatically selects the correct seal temperature, air flow and pressure seal for a specific film. The machine is also designed with fewer “wear parts” in the construction to improve long term reliability. The air pillows and tubes it produces function as void fill, block/brace and top/bottom pads to protect shipments. Its compact size makes it ideal for decentralized packing operations.

“At Pregis, we continue to work on both equipment and film advances to not only improve packaging operations, but also positively impact the environment.  We have engineered the MINI PAK’R to accommodate our continuously-evolving film offerings which are driven by both performance and sustainability objectives. The goal is to offer efficiency and flexibility, with thinner gauge, recycled-content materials to reduce reliance on virgin materials which can also be easily recycled,” said Lisanne Bock, product manager, air systems, Pregis Europe.

MINI PAK’R film advancements are in keeping with Pregis’ participation in Circular Economy Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX), a European consortium of companies and associations representing the entire flexible packaging value chain. For more than a decade, Pregis has manufactured protective packaging materials that minimize the impact on the environment. It supports CEFLEX’s efforts to have a system in place that will help direct manufacturing best practices, increase recycled content in film structures, promote ways to increase quantities collected and help identify downstream uses for that recycled material.

The MINI PAK’R is ideal for socially-distanced, decentralized, e-commerce packing operations and its ergonomic, silent operation helps support employee well-being. The unit is part of Pregis’ robust line of AirSpeed brand inflatable, protective packaging solutions.