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Packaging Solutions for eCommerce & Fulfilment

You win when you put a smile on your customers’ faces. And when you protect your bottom line. We can help you do both and more. We’re passionate about helping you create a positive customer experience while balancing other business needs like reducing fulfillment expenses, damages and shipping costs.

We offer solutions that are tailored to your needs, so you don’t have to compromise to do the right thing for your customers, or your business.

Our team is focused on the market trends that are impacting your business and  can be a consultative resource that helps you drive measurable improvements through packaging.

We can solve your pain points.

So you can do the same for your customers

Shipping costs

What portion of your fulfilment expense is tied up in shipping?
Our experts understand these evolving challenges and have the tools to help you make the right decisions. The goal is to minimise your shipping costs by optimising
dimensional weight and the multitude of other billing considerations.


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer acquisition is more challenging & costly than ever before. we understand that maximizing CLV is essential to recovering your investment and remaining profitable. We can help educate your team on best practices to maximise CLV.

Customer lifetime value

Customer Experience & the Unboxing Phenomenon

Looking to impress your customers and create an emotional connection when unboxing? 
Our mission is to help customers create a positive unboxing experience that is worthy of sharing with others and encourage repeat business. We have performed extensive research on the emotions that packaging can have on the consumer. Packaging can also be used to support your brand image including, sustainable solutions and premium packaging.

impress customers

Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Is it important to provide a consistent customer experience regardless of shipping point?
Pregis offers a wide assortment of solutions that can scale with your operation and create a seamless customer experience when shipping from fulfilment/distribution centers, stores, 3PLs and even direct from the manufacturer.

multi-channel fulfilment

Damage & Returns

Have you measured the potential impact of damage on profitability? We have. Multiple cost variables and future lost sales can all impact the bottom line as a result of damage. Our 6 part analysis (and yes, calculator) will quantify how much this can affect profits. Not only now, but in the future. We can help you select the best protective packaging solution to minimise damage, optimise packaging and shipping cost through our thorough packaging value analysis.

damage and returns

Best total cost solution

Our team takes pride in delivering a solution that best meets your cost objectives.Our detailed analysis of your operation takes into consideration materials, labour
efficiencies, throughput, warehouse utilisation and countless other factors. Because we have such a wide material and equipment portfolio, we make recommendations that meet your organization’s needs.

best total costs

On Demand Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Do You Need Packaging Insights Pregis Is Ready to Help Today

Pregis takes a consultative approach to the Ecommerce Business

We offer added-value services to ensure we’re providing a holistic solution to customers.

DamagePrevention navy.png


 Test and select protective solutions that meet your exact needs and ensure you hit pivotal KPIs for your customers.

TEST & Select now

Sustainability navy.png


 Prevent product damages and chose sustainable materials to reduce emissions and unnecessary landfill waste from re-shipping.

Go green

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Experience world-class guidance on creating efficient and ergonomic pick, pack & ship stations for your fulfilment centres.

Build it