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Xtreme Poly (XP)

Xtreme Poly (XP) is a custom engineered, multi-layer polyethylene film that provides equivalent strength with less total material required. Providing excellent clarity for customer appeal and retail display, while providing cost savings over regular mono layer films.

Product Details


  • Fasteners
  • Hardware
  • Kit Packaging
  • Any application where puncture resistance is necessary

Available Gauges:

  • Light Duty: 38 micron
  • Standard Duty: 51 micron
  • Extra Duty: 76 micron
  • Super Duty: 101 micron

Special Features: Outstanding puncture, resistance for sharp parts

Technical Specifications:

  • ​Press Printing: Yes
  • Imprinting: Yes
  • 1.5 mil.
  • Configuration: EZ® Bag
Blown Film Properties Nominal Values Test Methods (ASTM)
Tensile Strength MD 4096 psi D-822
Tensile Strength TD 3859 psi D-822
Elongation MD 356% D-822 (A)
Elongation TD 498% D-822 (A)
Other Properties    
Haze 8.80% D-1003
Dart Impact (Puncture) 229 gms D-1709
OTR 92.50% D-1003
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