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Pregis IQ: We solve packaging problems and shipping and fulfilment issues 

Learn how Pregis IQ works to solve packaging problems and shipping and fulfilment issues with sustainable materials and innovative systems.

Powering a Protective Packaging Future Through Design and Testing 

Inside our Pregis IQ labs — which are certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network — engineers analyze and test packaging designs, crushing, soaking, dropping, kicking, and shaking thousands of packages to ensure our customers’ products get to where they need to go in one piece. 

We work with our customers to correctly identify their specific challenges, and then let the engineers create packages tailored exactly to meet those needs — whether that be to fit new distribution and shipping methods, delight customers, improve sustainability, or just launch a new product. Once designs are in, we build, test, and validate those solutions to ensure that they work right every time. 

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