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MAX-PRO 24 poly bagging system

MAX-PRO 24 poly bagging system engineered to simplify operation and increase productivity

The Sharp MAX-PRO 24 continuous bagging system, the latest model in the MAX-PRO line can handle a wider range of products and bag sizes. This makes it ideal for fulfillment operations with a broad e-commerce offering.

When engineering the MAX-PRO 24, the focus was on creating a system that would help users maximize productivity and minimize labor costs.  


The MAX-PRO 24 includes highly-advanced automated technology, new web handling features that simplify operations and automated pass-through settings, resulting in lower operating costs. Predictive maintenance via Pregis’ proprietary Maxwell intelligent interface, enables trouble-free operation. The system also includes an easy-to-use bag threading system and a user-friendly HMI control panel that simplifies operation and guides troubleshooting. Its low-force jaw is designed to make the machine safe, simple and cost effective to use.


The MAX-PRO 24 has a small footprint, but can accommodate bags that are up to 60 cm wide and 91 cm long. It handles products that weigh up to 4.5 kg. Its size allows the machine to fit into existing packaging lines while taking up less floor space. Additionally, its innovative label side up, multiple exit conveyor system allows bags to leave the machine to the left, right, or rear, so it can be added into existing production lines more easily.

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