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Damage Rates Matter. How to Improve Sustainability and Your Bottom Line

As companies prioritize sustainable operations, taking a closer look at package damage rates is an essential step. Armed with that information, developing solutions to curb damage not only improves a business’ bottom line but also serves as a critical component of sustainability. After all, customers are demanding sustainability from the brands they love. However, the best sustainability strategy can unravel if packages don’t get to consumers in one piece. Not only do damaged packages cost money to replace and hurt reputation and goodwill, but they also create tremendous waste — and even affect significant sustainability gains elsewhere.

In This E-book You Will Learn:

check-circle.png The True Cost of Package Damage

Learn to go beyond the obvious metrics and discover the full costs of damaged shipments, gaining a better understanding of how package damage affects your company.

check-circle.png Package Damage Root Causes

Why do some packages get damaged in transit and others don’t? It’s more than just the packaging (though that helps!). Solving this problem requires an understanding as to why it’s happening in the first place.

check-circle.png How to Minimize Package Damage

Check out tested, proven strategies for reducing package damage that work for any shipper and address the major causes of damage.

The shipping landscape is in a constant state of flux — with new rules for efficiency and sustainability, pressure from consumers, and increasing costs for raw materials, fuel, and even shipping containers.

Addressing package damage is a rare opportunity to fix countless problems with a single solution. At once, you’ll improve sustainability, increase profitability, raise customer satisfaction, and eliminate waste and complexity from your supply chain.

Download our e-book to discover how to create the next win-win for your shipping and fulfillment operation.

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