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Pregis IQ: We develop new, sustainable products and solutions

Learn how Pregis IQ works to solve packaging problems and shipping and fulfilment issues with sustainable materials and innovative systems.

In terms of sustainability, Pregis IQ’s services are straightforward:

  1. We develop new, sustainable products and solutions that help protect our customers’ products and work towards building a circular economy. 
  2. We design and test new approaches to packaging to cut down on waste and reships. 
  3. We integrate cutting-edge solutions into fulfillment centers so everyone can take advantage of the latest, greatest, most earth-friendly packing processes. 
  4. We determine exactly how sustainable these new approaches are and find better ways to communicate that to our customers and to their customers.

Powering a Sustainable Packaging Future Through Innovation 

Offering shippers smart, eco-friendly packaging takes significant work, skill, and engineering to get right. That’s why we built Pregis IQ: a packing engineering lab tasked with protecting the packages of the future — whether they’re delivered by drones, cyborgs, or just your friendly local mailman. 

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