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How Packaging Influences Online Sales

Customers are aware that for most of what they purchase online there is an opportunity to rate the product and provide written feedback about their experience. Unhappy customers are much more likely to give you a 1-star rating and write a negative review. Don’t give them a reason to do so.

The right packaging components can help influence ratings and sales outcome

Here are some tips that will help improve your chances of a high-rating.

Prevent Damages

Damaged goods and related returns can decimate your profit and destroy any chance of a repeat purchase. Selecting the right protective packaging materials, can help eliminate damages and boost customer lifetime value.

Use sustainable packaging materials.

Choose sustainable packaging options that does not compromise package integrity whenever possible.

Provide recycling instructions.

Demonstrate to your customers that their environmental concerns are also yours. Recycling instructions show them that your materials have been thoughtfully selected.

Curate the unboxing experience.

It’s important to design an experience for your customers that aligns with your brand.

Right-size your packaging.

With an increasing number of consumers focused on environmental issues, make sure the protective packaging type and size selected isn’t going to be considered “over packaging” and wasteful.


Pregis can help you meet your e-commerce goals

Do you want to boost your conversion rate by influencing customers’ unboxing experience and online reviews? We are here to help.

Pregis offers a wide range of protective packaging solutions to solve your toughest business challenges. Our team of packaging professionals can help you improve performance, minimise damages, reduce costs and boost your customer satisfaction.

We offer package testing and packaging lifecycle analysis services at the Pregis IQ. Our IQ team utilises a fact based approach to achieve performance-oriented, cost-effective and sustainable  protective packaging solutions.

Please contact Pregis for a no-cost audit of your current e-commerce packaging.