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AirSpeed Renew S

The AirSpeed Renew S inflatable air cushions contain at least 50% natural, renewable mass like leaves and husks, which makes it an sustainable option to provide void-fill or blocking & bracing to protect products during transit.

The Pregis AirSpeed Renew S Line

Fantastic protective packaging made from waste of plant-based sources

How do you care for your customers' products in the most sustainable way while protecting your bottom line? How can we, Pregis, offer a sustainable protective packaging solution that decreases returns, boosts the unboxing experience and increases the brand image… while keeping processes as smooth as they are with an efficient, ergonomic solution for the packers? These factors were the starting points for us that resulted in:

Pregis AirSpeed Renew S line

2nd generation, renewable sourced air cushions

What is an ISCC air cushion made from 2nd generation, renewable sources?

It means that these air cushions are plantastic! They contain at least 50% natural, renewable mass like leaves and husks. In our case, this is natural waste from trees used in different industries. The content we use is not suitable for consumption, and therefore does not impact the food chain, as is the case with starch-, corn- or grain-based materials.

We are also very excited that these air cushions for our MINI PAK’R portfolio are International Sustainability and Carbon Certified (ISCC). ISCC is an EU-based, leading global certification system that supports the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production and use of biomass in global supply chains.

Our new Pregis AirSpeed Renew S line:

  • MINI PAK’R 200x130 LD Renew S
  • MINI PAK’R 200x200 LD Renew S
  • MINI PAK’R Double Cushion LD Renew S
  • PRO PAK'R 200x130 Renew S Carbon neutral



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