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Metalized Barrier Film

This laminated metalized film is married to co-extruded multi-layer polyethylene. The results provide superior barrier properties for products requiring restricted visibility, superior moisture barrier properties or eye catching display characteristics.


  • Medical
  • High end retail

Available Gauges: 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 mil.

Technical Specifications:

  • Press Printing: Available up to 6 colors
  • Imprinting: Yes
  • Mil Thickness: 3.0
  • Configuration: EZ® Bag
Blown Film Properties Nominal Values Test Methods (ASTM)
Tensile Strength MD 1646 psi D-882
Tensile Strength TD 1798 psi D-882
Elongation MD 3228% D-882
Elongation TD 2423% D-882
Tear Resistance MD 617 gm D-1922
Tear Resistance TD 708 gm D-1922
Other Properties    
Dart Impact 303 gms D-1709 (A)
Haze 9% D-1003
Luminous Transmittance 93% D-1003
OTR 276 cc/ (100in2* day) F-1927
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